Saturday, October 8, 2011

City PNG - The comic

Before the ninja posts the photos of our way back it's the pirate turn to show you the comic produced during our trip (leave them to the leeeeft è_é)!

At our first stop, Amsterdam, where we picked the unlucky penny... we got stopped at the security check and made it to our boarding by mere chance.
This was the result of our first contact with the unlucky penny.
Clyda's bag was dismantled piece by piece to check every single piece of wire she had in there.

I was forced to take off my bandana... the criminal looking one, the real criminal made it through and took a picture of us being in trouble... enjoying his new purchase: this usb drive shaped like a key. (he got stopped in Palermo though XD). I was ready to go back!

This was my first thought after landing...
I was shocked! I do know that everybody smokes there but I did not remember everything smelt of cigarette.
The air, the clothes, everything...

I got a sore throat right away, laryngitis followed and for the rest of the trip my voice was gone and I sounded like a drunk clam.

It was horrible. I have been back one day and my throat is fine.

The relationship between Clyda and the doors in Italy is complicated...

The key is: do not fight with the key!

She kept getting stuck inside the bathrooms for some reasons... my great auntie Grazie came to her rescue once, through the window (now do not imagine my auntie with a super her cape and stuff... the bathroom is on the ground level, she just went around).

Announcement on Alitalia's flights are not in any specific language... unless you speak cowglish which might as well be the language used but then again... who knows? Maybe they are not relevant announcement so clarity is not important.
Other companies make an effort to mumble less.

Being language confused does not help remembering words - in the other language not your own, your own language is a mother language you NEVER forget... no matter what the American newspapers say.

Apparently Spleen is one of those word hard to describe!

Charles de Gaulle is the worst airport on Earth... it defeated Gatwick thanks to Gandalf... we could not pass.

Eventually you learn how to go from here (arrivale) to here (gate E72) the hard way.

Meh, what doesn't kill you makes you strong. Btw Exki in Paris is 3 times more expensive than the one in Turin and is not as good.

Turin 2 - Paris 0

Now let's talk about airport security and their rules. I don't know if you have realized but they have become a bit ridiculous. It used to be no liquid... then it went to 1ooml... then 100ml each flacon.

Now tell me, what difference is there between a 200ml flacon and 2 flacon of 100ml?
I could bring a lot of dangerous stuff divided in different flacons, right?
But no, our jam could not go through and we were forced to check in the luggage instead, which costs us 20 extra euros.

But what was in our cabin luggage instead? A 100ml glass bottle of grappa, a rock taken in Turin and tiny teeny little flacons for a total of 800 ml of stuff.

Now, correct me if I am wrong... with a 100ml glass bottle of grappa... the ninja could get wasted, break the glass and poke the pilot to death.

With a rock from Turin I could tie my shoelaces together and throw it at the pilot... and if he is not down at the first hit I could retrieve the rock by using the string and then throw again...

YES, these are ridiculous scenarios but let's not forget what some people did with a mere cutter blade... and that a strict mentality is the easiest one to go around to.

It's true that it's hard to determine a criminal intention... but if you let me bring on board 800 ml just because they are separated in different flacons... what's the safety in that?

So Clyda's criminal plan to give the pilot diabetes... was discovered and stopped by airport security and the criminal mind still got to board the plane with her facial wash and gels... a ninja with a glass bottle and a pirate with a rock.

And while I am the first person to say that rules should be strict and safety should not be trifled with... rules with such gigantenormous loopholes are bound to create some problems in the future... hence I board my planes more scared than ever!

And the bag took its solitary way.... making us 20 bucks poorer!

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