Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sicily Monreale

Monreale tower from the Belvedere (which means beautiful view and is usually a terrace).

Pupi Siciliani: the Sicilian traditional marionettes. The best show ever!!!! Listening to the stories of Charlemagne's knights sang in Sicilian and how Orlando lost his mind and became rageful is the best!

Monreale Duomo.

Interior done in traditional Byzantine style with golden tiles mosaics portraying the higher part of the church as Heaven and the lower part - with white marble - is Earth.

Christ Panthocrator: one of the three most beautiful depictions on this Planet. (I prefer this one to the Cefalù one, personal taste)

This is a traditional grindstone (or millstone).

A mosaic artist.

The Chinese palace is a classic chinoiserie (meant to look vaguely Chinese but not entirely). Too bad it was closed because inside it looked like this!
I always thought it looked funny and interesting, especially since the writing on top of the porch is only meant to look Chinese but it's not actual writing! XDDD

Sicily Ficarazzi

Preparing the sauce for sfincione pizza.

Work in progress? Nah, going shopping is an adventure!

Noooo, no pastrieeees!

Sicily: where buying veggies is a true pirate adventure!

Bread with sesame is the best... I am here to tell the baker that if he picks a fight with the sesame seller there is not reason to put less sesame on my bread!

On the veranda in our backyard.

At Home Elisa and Grace

And finally in Ficarazzi where auntie Grazia is cooking our dinner!

A classic living room (the house dates the first years of 1900)... corridor 11 meters, ceiling 6 meters in height.

Pasta impustata: sicilian broccolo pasta with raisins and pine nuts, baked in the over to delicious crunchiness.

These two girls don't like chocolate!

A traditional way to kill mosquitoes.

A better way to kill mosquitoes.

Jack Nicholson with Elisa and Grazia. There are no Wendys in this house.

Off to Sicily

Roma, Pietralata, Metro.
Fiumicino airport.

Palermo, airport.
Shi Li phone home!

On the bus to Palermo.

Comics Comics Comics

There's a common theory related to time slowing down while in a comic book shops.
According to the ninja, if you look outside, you could actually see people walk at very high speed, while things are nice and quiet on the inside.

The Pirate

Yep, Adrian's Theory of Shopping Relativity states that a body in motion in a retail shop is always slower than a body in motion outside a retail shop.

The Ninja