Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Rome for some Serious Culture [Day 2]

The next day we were off to rome for our second visit and the day after heading off to Sicily so we will not be back at deda's place for the next 7 days. We all had to keep to our luggage to the 10 kg weight limit, guess who was stressing out the night before :D

It's 930 am and we are off on a train to rome, we stow our bags at the train station, picked up porno, looked for a place for lunch and it's off to the Vatican City whoo hooo.

Now there are lots of things to see at the Vatican Museum, so im gonna just highlight the pieces i looooved.

Your friendly pirate here shall guide you through the museum.

Clearly the one on top is St.Peter's dome seen from behind. Now looking at a dome from behind is wrong in many ways but we had to do that, because we are very bad people.

This is a copy of Michelangelo's "la Pietà" inside the Pinacoteca (painting gallery).

Some things were already in 3D so... sorry eh, but blockbuster movies invented NOTHING!

Apparently Hulk is more antique than we thought. This is a tapestry (rug) - the ones you hang on the walls and never step on - and he is definitely going: Smash! :D

This is the positive cast of a Bernini angel. He created this one out of rough materials like wood and gesso, then created a negative cast (or mold) into which he later on poured bronze and that's how bronze statues are done.

This is.... insane! O_O

The beautiful Lacoonte statue found in Tiberius' villa (in Sperlonga).

Jesus thanking his audience: Heeeey! Thanks for coming to the show... this is a one time only performance!

Yo wassup! (ninja you write your own cheesy line XDD)

So... taking photos of the Sistine Chapel is... like... mhhh.... strictly forbidden... and... yeah... we are the pirates and so... this shot was taken ninja style. (the pirated version was not posted)

4 hours in the Vatican Museums!

Sending a postcard to ourselves from the Vatican City.

Caravaggio painting missing in action!

"You are now leaving the Vatican Museum!"

"God wishes you a pleasant journey back!"

Okay, now we go to St. Peter... home of the Swiss guards... and that dude that wears 5.000 euros red slippers by Prada called Pope Palpatine!

La porta santa. Since I went through this door twice in my life (and it only opens every 25 years) that would make me how old? Naaaah, the first time was a trickery! Special occasion... but still, since it removes your sins I can now go to Heaven even if I call the Pope... Palpatine.

This was made by Bernini.

Piazza San Pietro - were we stole a rock.

The romantic habit of putting locks on the monuments should become more personal... like, why don't we lock these nice locks around the couples' necks and let them go around with this thing for the rest of their lives even after they break up with the stupid sucker the vowed eternal love to... so much that they needed to damage a public monument...

Castel St'Angelo, also known as Adrian's Mausoleum... (the mausoleum ends at the white stripes) is the Vatican's main fortress. It's connected to the city of Rome through the bridge of the Angels, all sculpted by Bernini.

Coliseum by night!

The pirate

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