Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flight from Singapore to Amsterdam

00.00 am Dinner
The pirate says: the sushi was the only edible thing. That shredded thing there... only God know what it was meant to be. In the tin foiled box... some God forgotten recipe for overcooked pasta with tomato sauce and broccoli: a deadly mix!

Goldfish hand modeling the fish feed.

Goldfish struggling with the fish feed.

6.00 am
The pirate says: I need to comb my bandana and two more minutes mom, please, I don't want to go to school so early.

9.00 am Looking Good

yup believe me it was a great effort trying to pose for the camera while the goldfish caught the flu (check the tissue on her hand) from her fellow singaporean country man trigger happy neighbour.. - the goldfish

Now the trigger happy fat ninja is getting on my nerve, gonna get my piranha friend to rip him apart. - the goldfish

This picture was complimented by a very very disgusted steward. With a horrified expression on his face he managed to comment on the Cactus Ninja's mucus paintings with a: that's a great picture! - that's sarcasm, Sheldon.

Well Dedasaur, i think this is the point when he happily shared his flu bug around in the cabin...

10.00 am Grouchy at Breakfast

The pirate says: FFFFFFFF where's the coffffffeeeeeeee?
The Goldfish says: One more ugly shot of the infected goldfish.. your books gonna crash into your thick irritating cactus head..

12.00 pm We landed in Amsterdam without killing each other in the plane
The pirate says: that's because we slept through most of the flight and you were busy catching a cold for the rest of it - while I was bribing the penguins.

The Goldfish says:Damn cold on the plane.. think my eyebrows went missing.. The resident penguins stole it!

The Ninja
The Pirates
The Goldfish

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