Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bloop Blog, by the goldfish


Yes guys before i turned into nice teriyaki goldfish sashimi by my ninja and pirate travel buddies and of course before i forget again... Here's the bloop! *tum tum tum*

Yesterday, the trio got together along with the little sunshine girl(not so sunshine as usual because she has a "balcony" now) bracing the heavy rainstorms, delirious orchard road shopping crowd, ERPs, Cash Card episode and toy fanatics (*Gasp) to get the stuffs ready for the supplies to survive the trio's road trip.

Every girls have a stomach for dessert

Yes i mean every GIRLS, right Adriana?

Ninja Zain got himself a fiery red luggage (a steal at 50% off) (good luck heard dogs love to pee on the red mail box). Pirate Dedasaur got herself, not so little gifts for her favourite niece and nephew on earth.. Not forgetting to get herself another two toys for herself in the process to ease her re-service anxiety.. See everyone can use a little retail therapy, isn't it?

As for me, i forgot to get my eye gels as usual (well, i can look more like a goldfish now with my untreated swollen eye bags) before i zoomed off to borrow a luggage from cousin. (Thank you winnie!) and dragged it back on the train like a pirated DVD woman.. haaa.

ok wish me luck clearing my work before tuesday..till the next bloops, gotta go, thirsty again..


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