Friday, September 23, 2011

The trios go to the sea-port.

Sperlonga & Gaeta

After lunch, Deda called the Italian airport and found herself married as Mrs Chua(oo adrian's lucky man) because of her lost luggage all thanks to KLM.. Depressed, she needed a walk hence she asked Mario dragged all 3 of us to the "Belisimooo" (mean very beautiful in italian) white houses at Sperlonga... Apparantly a seatown in 150km south of Rome.. According to the pirate august italians baked themselves and played dead bodies on the beach for their summer hoolidaze.. A book, cocktail, rented umbrella, deck chair and come home all burnt and leathery looking.. sound like me.. muahahaha..

You also cannot left the pictures, lah! All center center... walao!
Anyways... I thought he was the Missus... I am going to call my suitcase Mrs Chua from now on!

Goldfish gonna hand over the keyboard to the Pirate..
Yes so this is where the carnage takes place, more or less. Italians come and play dead here and stay under the sun like sun dried tomatoes until they turn brown and look like leather shoes. A bit like Clint Eastwood in spaghetti western but without the cigars.


Or as the ninja says it: superlonga.
This is where we ditched the unlucky penny.
Are we going to write a post about this unlucky penny? No, because clearly, if we decided not to ditch it our vacation could have sucked big time.
Stupid penny!

Broken Mountain

So this is in Gaeta and it's called the Turk's Grotto.
We like to have everything special, miraculous and big in Italy so this mountain split in halves when Jesus died and the Earth shook.
He reached pretty far but you don't fight with the son of God so, there you have it, the mountain split in half the Turk did not believe it and his hand sank into the rock.
Maybe we'll upload the pic of the handprint. Then he spent the rest of his life as a hermit here.

Along the way the pirate almost managed to kick some polka dotted ass down but the realized that boys are useful to carry bags... so the ninja was spared.

Here's where I should have used the boy's power the first time as I ran short of breath... although here he is really pissing me off as I tell him not to lean... and HE LEANS!
What part of do not lean did he not understand I have yet to verify!


This beach is called Serapo.

This is where the ninja almost became seagulls' toilet.

The wedding crashers...

Ah, carbos... nature's answer to chocolate!

home sweet home

No, goldfish, this is Itri where the Brother Devil the brigand and the hydra lived. The one town with the cool castle (might need to upload pictures of that too).

ok correction, it's on our way home... :)

The goldfish

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