Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny Lost, Bag Found

They found Mrs Chua!!! (this is now, officially, the suitcase's name).
The story of the unlucky penny: we found it in Amsterdam while waiting in line at the custom.
The goldfish says: see a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck.

Twenty seconds later I was stripping in front of a very sturdy Dutch woman, because I wear a bandana and my jacket says "kiss me, I'm a pirate" (not very smart item to wear now that I think about it)... and the goldfish's bag was being searched and turned inside out - although I had to admit that she had so much technology in her back that if we only added a pin she could build her own plane.

We should have seen from the start... a bad penny always turns up.
Luggage lost and bla bla bla... we kept talking about the fact that the penny did not bring us good luck.
So, while walking in Sperlonga, we decided that we should ditch it and leave it behind.
"If we leave the penny - we said - the pirate shall get her suitcase, the goldfish will have nice weather always about 25 celsius and the ninja will be picked up by girls!" (now with the last statement somebody was really pushing his luck).

Not even 20 minutes after we ditched the penny we got the call that the suitcase had been found. So far the weather has been marvelous... the ninja would need a miracle, but since his new hairdo makes him look like a cactus I bet tomorrow the Pope will pick him in a crowd of a thousand just to ask him: who the heck cuts your hair?

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