Sunday, September 18, 2011

Which luggage to use?

Ok now comes the important choice of luggage.

Choice 1: My black army duffel bag, hoorah ..
Choice 2: My soft luggage with in-line skate wheels.
Choice 3: My President Epic soft case luggage.
Choice 4: My backpackers haversack.

Here are the things i look for in my check in luggage.

1. Must weight 4kg or less since airline quota is 20kg.
2. Must be able to absorb the shock of luggage volleyball.
3. Must have durable wheels.
4. Must look cool else really whats the point.

For hand carry ons. There is only one type for me.
"The canvas saddle bag"

For this trip ill go with choice 3 cause its "EPIC" and Bay-Watch Red.

The Ninja

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