Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colazione al bar!

Duh so the ninja had to take a picture of the sign because his dyslexia made him read this word as... erotica!

The ninja: got my heart racing a bit.

Anyways we are going to breakfast now, get the typical Itaglian breakfast: cornetto and cappuccino.

No cappuccino for the goldfish, she can't swim in caffeine!

If you notice a change in the layout, like, it finally makes sense... it's because the pirate has taken over the ship! You can never trust ninja to set a navigation course...

The ninja: yes miss "left aligned" :D

And here we are, sitting at the cafe, ready to eat.
It's about 9:40 now....

Here's the food.... somebody else describe this....

The happy ninja:
One freshly squeezed OJ
Two cappuccinos
Three cornettos

...follow a series of pictures depicting our delighted reactions!

The Pirate yell: what the hell! why are things center aligned again, ninjaaaaa????


  1. Darn!!! I blardy miss everything i see on your blog!!! Good job having the blog setup!!! Have fun ya!!! Why am I not there... ;'( 
    And patata, WHY!?!??!!!!! Lost baggage again?!! Maybe you are an Italiano!!! So does tt make me somewhat half Italiano!!! Our trip to Italy always involved destroyed or lost baggage!!!! O.o 
    Please have more gelato on behalf of grace... Gianduia/pistachio!! Haaa.. Bet I spelled wrongly!!!

  2. we have more cruel pictures for you! muah ah ah!