Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ricotta frittata.

Fresh tomatoes.

Grace, this is for you... your favorite: carciofini! (gotta love artichokes).

Nom nom nom.


  1. Hi Deda! It all looks so good you got my mouth watering on the frittata!!!

  2. Ooooh, frittata!!! Artichokes!!! Bring me a jar of it!!!;D Wurhaahah!!!
    Aiks!! Patata, did you remember to check which side of the penny was up, facing you? If it's tail, never pock it up, remember we used to do this in SF!!
    But cool that weather's great and 'Mrs Chua' is back!!! Gosh, can't trust UK's airports man!!:/
    As for getting pick up, somebody.... Hmmm... Keep me posted with the interesting news!!!;D
    Ciao Mario e Rosaria!!!!!

  3. Btw, Mario looks fresh in the white/yellow striped polo shirt!!;)