Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run Goldfish Run.

Good morning, Fondi.

*birds chirping*

It's a beautiful sunny friday morning and the goldfish decided that what better way to explore around the quaint pirate's hometown than putting on your running shoes and zip zap the town, nike way.

So since Pirate had to go for her "re-service" at the clinic's medical check up, the goldfish decided to walk her there and burn some running shoes' rubber soles..

So there we were, brisk walking, turned left then right then straight ahead the castle, old nono (grandpas) sitting at the cafe drinking espresso and eating cornetto (italiano version of croissant), more cafes, fruit stalls that sell all the exotic italian yummy fruits, like prickly pears (ninja please upload the pictures), figs, golden delicious, plums... every human fruit blender dream..

wooo just then it's the first time i saw the monk (in brown robes and a rope tied to the waist), he stood in front of the kindergarden. Seem like the kids here in kindergarden wear a long sleeve apron over their own get ups, different from us in Singapore where we are moulded since young to be in the nation of conformity, wearing uniform starting at 3 years old till we are 16 or 18 depending if you are going to polytechnic or Junior college..

Well then before i know it, Viola here we were at the clinic... and deda did the "shoo goldfish go swim away" sign when she got her number for the medical check up.. so as i ran out, i gasped... ohhhh no how did i get here? where's deda place? (ok philippe stop laughing yes i did it again)...what if i am lost... what if i stuck.. ok before i collapsed on the ground from panic attack.. i grab a hold of myself and decided that if all else failed, i gotta remember where the clinic is and pray its a long queue at the clinic(Sorry pirate) and deda is still in the queue..

It's adventure time..

So the goldfish backtracked one streets at a time.. kindergarden ok.. no monk... ooo i kinda vaguely remember the lamppost, ok turn left orrrr ok.. right where the fruit stall is, oooo next..oooo same red table clothes ok should be the cafe.... ok the old man with the cardigan.. ok... you can make it... ok.. don't stare so hard else he might whip up a revolver at me...ok trigger disarming smile and a "bon-gior-non"... ok he smiled, ok cleared.. ooooo did i see a casttttttlllleee, oooooooo yeah.... but damn all the streets looks the same.....GREAT... pick one ok ok gotta run.. oooo unicredit bank oooo where the pirate buried her treasure chest... ok then it's apples tree, yes it's near, the bouganville, the familiar screaming voice from the "I lost it" neighbor...oooooo i saw it..the pirate den! phew i make it!

ok now to make sure goldfish know where to scoop up the dedasaur pirate in case she faint from her blood test.. it's time to back track again. In the end, after 3 rounds to and fro running from deda place, castle kindergarden, clinic and a batch of very curious fondi residents who was wondering why this Asian Chinese girl running around like a headless chicken, Deda bumped into me at the pirate's bank scoop me up and the rest is history..

So there you are Goldfish survived the run without getting kidnapped by the mafias(yes ninja cannot find any here) and zip zap her way back in time for Mario's marvellous fish feed... and of course more re-service for deda, the pirate....tun tun tun..


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