Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tickets are set, clyda's not deaf and the itinerary is printed

Funny story about the deaf goldfish, booked her ticket with the disability "Deaf" checked as a joke, i mean whats the worst that can happen right ... she doesn’t get a pair of those free earphones :) . Besides the ones you get on the plane are pretty shitty anyways. So i double checked today and her ticket is fine (you can call off the assassins now).

Now these days when you buy tickets online they issue you an "E-Ticket" immediately after you hit the submit button. And yes I got charged a large sum of money to my credit card 1.376 secs after that. Airlines are bloody efficient when it comes to getting money from you, and when you ask for a full refund, it takes two weeks -.-

Now it has occurred to me just how much thought I put into committing to travel 10,022 KM ( Kris flyer card expired -.- .. damn yoooou ) to a land I have never been before, be charged a large sum of money to my credit card and have no clue what to pack or what to expect … seriously if you want to know … the time it took me to have my morning cup of coffee walking into my soon to be travel companions office and BLAMOOOOO we are going to Italy.

Yes I am “RANDOM” personified, and that’s how I roll \m/ -.0

So back to the tickets, I got us great seats on the plane. [See below]

Deda is at 1 because she likes to be along the aisle, Clyda is at 2 and just next to the toilets because she has a drinking problem and I am at 3 because I want to see god.

The Ninja

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