Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rome Sweet Rome [Day 1]

Deda birthday roam at Rome, a Roman holiday it shall be.

The Colosseum round up by the tourists.

The arch of constantine, the kings who believe in freedom of religion.

The rome forum

The wing victory & tomb of unknown soldier

The Pantheon and if you look under the drain cover,
("orange peanuts")

you can find the ninja luggage's locker key.

The four rivers

Obviously it's the birthday gal's favourite gelato on earth..

Ok the over dramatic travel buddies when they only just
have to wait 10 minutes outside H&M.. hey... i didn't even complain
waiting outside comic shop yo..

Deda & Amy at the coffee place

Twin churches at ROME, though ninja has that cheeky smile when
he took this shot.. *sigh* boys..

Spanish steps where everybody help keeping the stairway clean with their ass..

The trios in rome at the sunset.

The trevi fountain

Yes we want to come again hence oh yeah we have to do the tourist things -
throw a coin in the fountain

the goldfish

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