Friday, September 16, 2011

The Plan

So after much discussion, here is the draft plan for our invasion of Italy.

21 – 23 Sept: Deda’s home and farm house.

24 - 25/26 Sept: We hit Rome.

27 - 29 Sept: We act like godfathers in Sicily.

30 - 2 Oct: Its Turin time.

3 – 6 Oct: Nipples .. opps Naples .. Florence .. Sienna.

The Ninja

Siena is with one "n" you meatball!
The pirate

If you noticed the notes goldfish took it had two "n"s [see picture] and Narpies
INMF The Ninja :D

I can see you're already in the Italian spirit: blaming it on others!
Whatever happened to "do not panic, google it"! LOL
=_= The pirate

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