Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sicily Palermo

Let your pirate friend guide you again through Palermo - where she managed to pick 3 fights in less than an hour thanks to... well, they should know better than that! è_é

We rush towards the Cathedral before it closes on corso Vittorio Emanuele.

When we reach the Cathedral is finally clear to us what the obvious is: outside is pretty inside is tricky.

After picking a fight with some unidentified ticket ladies - to which I explain that 1) you cannot write "ticketing" in small print 2) a pic-nic table and a tin box do not constitute for a proper cash register 3) I cannot walk through walls and ropes so... no, there was no rope to block the entrance. I paid my 1,50 to God knows who and went to see the tomb of Frederic II Hohenstaufen (everybody should visit and friggin' worship a guy so awesome).

I pick a fight with this guy too because no ass should ever ride a horse!

Pictures below show something very similar to a wet market. Known as La Vuccirìa (which means, noise and chaos) it's the old market of Palermo.

And after this tour they gave us a badge: you survived the Vucciria! XDDD

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