Monday, October 3, 2011

Turin [Day Two]

Torino Porta Nuova, the train station.

This is grappa, hic, pretty good, hic!

The ninja took a photo of this shop because I picked a fight in here once... yes, the pirate always picks fights! But I swear... people always do weird things! If they were normal no shit would hit the fan.

Is this Gioberti in front of the theater? Mhhh... I think he is.

This is palazzo Carignano. And yes, mcDonald's looks pretty but still tastes like crap, no matter what so...

Under the porches we see Fiorio an historical café that makes very good gianduia gelato. The King used to ask, instead of reading the news: what do they say at Fiorio's?

Piazza Vittorio was basically copied and replicated in Paris where they call it Place Vendome but it's basically piazza Vittorio with a fancy name.

Here the pirate spent 30 euros buying a print of Frezzato's Pinocchio. *_*

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