Saturday, October 1, 2011

The night the ninja went blind!

Maybe the ninja should explain this... but apparently waking up in a very dark room could be seriously, seriously scary. Go Ninja... do tell us how you went blind.

The Pirate

Well its a matter of falling asleep while reading in a brightly lit room unaware that clyda came in and switched off the lights ... awwwww, (we have been told to save power in sicily) then elisa/grace/friendly spirit came and closed the door tight. Now the room had no windows, so i was sleeping in complete and utter darkness, not to mention in total silence too.

I woke up around 3.30, open my eyes and saw nothing, blinked, rubbed my eyes and had a small panic attack thinking i have gone blind from eating too much. Fumbled like a idiot for the light switches (they were placed 6" lower than in SG) till the lights came on -.-

It seriously freaked me out.

The Ninja

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